The Warrior Cats

Here, you'll discover what it's like to be a real cat in the wild. Whether you're a warrior or a medicine cat, your adventures will be testing your skills and keeping you on your paws. Do you have what it takes to be a Warrior?
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Name: Brambleshadow
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Clan: StarClan

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PostSubject: RiverClan Members   RiverClan Members Icon_minitimeSun Jul 29, 2007 12:16 am

Color code: NPC's Members

Leader: Waterstar- Dark gray she-cat w/ amber eyes
Apprentice: Sunpaw

Deputy: Stormcloud- Light gray tom w/ white chest and muzzel and blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Leafheart- tortoiseshell she-cat w/ yellow eyes

Warriors: Brownhawk- Brown tom w/ brown eyes
Furrypelt- Brown, furry tom w/ green eyes
Apprentice: Mistpaw
Apprentice: Autumnpaw
Roseheart- White she-cat w/ hazel eyes
Apprnetice: Brightpaw
Dustclaw- tortoiseshell tom w/ green eyes
Apprentice: Sugarpaw
Blueheart- Black tom w/ brown paws and blue eyes
Sunpelt- Orange she-cat w/ amber eyes
Apprentice, Frostpaw
Snaketail- Long-tailed and golden she-cat w/ dark brown eyes
Apprentice: Flowerpaw
Fishheart- Ginger she-cat w/ blue eyes
Wetfoot- tortoiseshell tom w/ blue eyes
Shroompelt- Dark brown tom w/ amber eyes

Apprentices: Swiftpaw- Orange tabby she-cat w/ blue eyes
Frostpaw- Light ginger she-cat w/ green eyes
Sugarpaw- Dark ginger she-cat w/ brown eyes
Sunpaw-Golden yellow she-cat with amber eyes
Flowerpaw- White and gray she-cat w/ brown eyes
Brightpaw- ?
Autumnpaw- ?
Mistpaw- solid black she-cat w/ yellow eyes

Queens: Flowertail- Orange she-cat w/ white paws and hazel eyes

Elders: Whitefur- White tom w/ blue eyes
Spottedear- tortoiseshell she-cat w/ green eyes


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Character sheet
Name: Waterstar
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Clan: RiverClan

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PostSubject: Re: RiverClan Members   RiverClan Members Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 12:33 pm

If you are now a member of Riverclan, I am usually watching the moonpool and will give you a mentor( or you can stay a kit). Unless you post what you look like at the moonpool, you will have to pm me what you look like. I hope you like Riverclan!

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