The Warrior Cats

Here, you'll discover what it's like to be a real cat in the wild. Whether you're a warrior or a medicine cat, your adventures will be testing your skills and keeping you on your paws. Do you have what it takes to be a Warrior?
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 Leaffire Warrior Cats

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Are you ready for the biggest battle yet?

[blockquote][blockquote]Welcome to Leaffire Warrior Cats, a warrior cats RP based on the popular series by Erin Hunter! You become your own warrior cat, and experience the feelings and skills of a real warrior cat! You can create one in any of the orginal four clans, or as a lonor, rouge, or kittypet. You can even create a fox for our plot!!! The staff are friendly, and are more then happy to help you with any questions. A chatbox has been set up for you for your enjoyment at the bottom of the page! This is where we all can chat and have fun! So come on in, and enjoy your stay![/blockquote][/blockquote]

Role players of any level are welcome!


[blockquote][blockquote] A group of foxes has settled near the clans. They are hostile and violent toward the cats, which are futily fighting back. Clan cats are constantly injured, and prey is running low as they must share with the new group of predators.
The four leaders of all clans met at the island to discuss what would happen next. They decided to send out a patrol of warriors to check out the fox's camp. This patrol never returns, a complete failure of a plan. The clans agree not to send any other warriors to investigate for a while.[/blockquote][/blockquote]
[blockquote][blockquote]StarClan has other ideas. They choose four apprentices, who are told of their role in a prophecy. The self-organized patrol made their way to the fox camp. They found out much about it, but return severely injured. The leader of the foxes told the young cats that he wants all of the clan territory. He would rather discuss matters, and would do so at the next gathering. If discussion would not get the clan cats to hand over their territory, then he would fight. The apprentices barely escaped with their lives. When they returned and told their wild tale, not a cat would believe them. In fact, they are punished for running off and lying.[/blockquote][/blockquote]
[blockquote][blockquote]As they said they would, the foxes arrived at the gathering. Every cat was surprised to hear them speak. The foxes had been driven from their old home, and now expected the cats to give theirs up in turn. In three nights, he would attack. He gave them that much time to flee, or to prepare for battle. Once more, StarClan calls upon the apprentices to do their will. They are told they must rid the clans of the fox threat. This may only be done by killing their leader, and his second command, equal to the clans' deputies. Another condition was that the top hunter and fighter within the foxes was to be erradicated, for they would take over if the top two were killed. If they could do this, they would remain living.[/blockquote][/blockquote]
[blockquote][blockquote]The clans begin to prepare for the most challenging war ever faught. Will you turn tail and run for your life? Or will you stand and fight? [/blockquote][/blockquote]

[blockquote][blockquote]In the meantime, a band of rogues is rising up. The descendent of Skystar roams the forest, she had been living here, trying to start up SkyClan for ages. When the other clans moved in she boiled with rage. She had been told the tales of the clans since she was a kit, told of the wrongdoings that set SkyClan apart. She approached the foxes, told them how evil the clans were, how they were cruel to even their own kind. The fox leader was outraged, thats when he started attacking the clans.[/blockquote][/blockquote]
[blockquote][blockquote]A tom had been watching the rogue for sometime. He followed her to what she was to make her "SkyClan camp". His blood ran with SkyClan as well, and he was interested in joining in the reform. After a few moons of living together, they fell in love. Three beautiful kittens were born. These kittens would be called Cloudkit, Mallowkit, and Fawnkit. Only Fawnkit lived to see her first moon. The shortage of food that the clans had caused, did not allow the rogue to make enough milk for her kittens. The clans had protected their borders more fiercely, not allowing them to hunt along the edge any longer. Her fury and hatred of them burned stronger.
Fawnpaw was raised as a clan cat, taught the warrior code and given all of her training from her father, for a mother cannot mentor her own kits. She would be too soft on them, due to her protective instincts. She was aware of her two brothers being killed because of famine, and it was embedded in her mind that the other clans were evil. She played with the fox kits, and loved them as her own clanmates. However, she was reminded that was not so. They would be splitting the territory in two once the clans were defeated.[/blockquote][/blockquote]

[blockquote][blockquote]When Fawnpaw meets the son of Tigerlily and Ravenstar while on border patrol, her world is turned upside down. She could not stop thinking about him.
Forbidden Romance, war, and an unforgiven past cut deep wounds between all clans. Could they be healed, Or will they be scars[/blockquote][/blockquote]
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Leaffire Warrior Cats
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